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Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale Offers Arborist Services to Meet any Homeowner or Business Needs. 

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Enjoy 100% FREE stump grinding when you purchase qualifying tree removal, tree trimming, or other arborist services!

*Offer Valid On Qualifying Service Purchases of $3500 or More. 

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We've been the best in Riverdale for years and our customers know why! We offer attentive service, competitive pricing, and expert technicians with a wealth of experience.

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We understand that you have better things to spend money on than tree service, which is why we keep our prices as low as possible to ensure no-brainer contracts without sacrificing the quality service.

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When you need a landscaping service that will make your yard look pristine for every season, put our company at the top of the list. We take pride in offering high-level services from start to finish so as not just meet but exceed all expectations.



Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale is the tree care company that Riverdale homeowners can trust. We offer a complete menu of services, including pruning and trimming to remove dead or diseased limbs as well as fertilizing trees in order to keep them strong through adverse weather conditions like heat waves and ice storms.

We are a family managed and operated business, starting with a truck and 2 saws. Now we operate multiple completely staffed crews that are fully equipped to go the extra mile for you in Riverdale!


I don't know what I would have done without Vilchis Tree Service. The trees in my yard were a mess, and the company came out to help right away! They had such great customer service too.
Tim L.
Riverdale, Ga
Israel is the most knowledgeable tree removal service pro I've ever seen! He removed a ton of trees and helped me understand how to care for what's left. It was fast too, because he knows exactly where to cut without damaging anything around it.
Susan K.
Riverdale, Ga
Vilchis Tree Service of Fayetteville has earned my permanent business. They're so fast, and charged way less than the other companies that quoted me.
Jason J.
Riverdale, Ga

Our Services

Our versatile tree service teams are capable of handling your tree project with speed, efficiency and care.


We know it can be tough to keep up with trees in the yard and many people live on plots of land that they barely visit- but don’t let a storm damage or fallen tree ruin your property. Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale employs only professional, certified arborists when removing diseased dead, dying fallen logs and other unwanted debris from properties across Jonesboro! Our experts have all sorts of resources for you including free quotes at affordable prices so call us now for more information about these amazing services today!

Removing trees isn’t a job for amateurs. When you remove them yourself, it’s dangerous and costly because of all the tools needed to do so – not to mention that inexperienced people have an increased chance of accidentally injuring themselves on the project. Fortunately Vilchis Tree Service is here! Our experienced tree removers carry out any offending or nuisance trees without risking injury by tackling the task alone- they will also handle everything professionally, quickly and affordably too with their years working in this industry.


A tree is an essential part of any yard or business. When you need to take the time for upkeep, there are plenty of choices in Riverdale – but Vilchis Tree Service has over 20 years combined experience with all types of trees! If your situation requires a large service project or just some general maintenance after winter, we’re here every step on the way to make sure that your land looks its best thanks to us taking care of it.

Pruning a tree is not just for aesthetics. Pruned trees are healthier throughout the entire year and grow in healthy ways that promote future health as well. The best time to prune is during winter or early spring, but if you want your trees looking their prettiest at all times- plan on trimming twice yearly: once after blooming season and again before leaf drop!

Pruning keeps your trees healthy through every season by removing leaves from branches so sunlight can reach deep into the trunk where it encourages new growth with light hitting first – this ensures these important life giving parts get enough nutrients while also making sure they’re grown out of way conducive to future health.



Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale is your one-stop shop for tree and stump removal. We offer a powerful, cost efficient service that can easily access those pesky areas other companies might not be able to reach. Save yourself the hassle by letting Vilchis professionals take care of it from start to finish with our turf friendly services so you know everything will turn out great!

In order to improve the look of your yard and make it more attractive for prospective buyers and visitors alike. as well as making it a safer area, you ought to have all stumps removed. Stump grinding service from Vilchis Tree Service will do just that! They’ll offer prompt services with minimal disruption on your lawn so there are no obstacles in the way once landscaping is complete.


Clearing your lot or property of trees and shrubs can be a difficult process, but at Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale we’ll make sure to provide you with the highest-quality service. We use professional equipment that guarantees efficiency in clearing both residential properties as well as commercial ones no matter how big they may be! Our experienced professionals have been able to clear all sorts of lots efficiently for years now so trust them when it comes time for you do need any tree removal services because our team is up for anything.

You can trust that Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale is here to provide you with outstanding services, including a professional land clearing service for both residential and commercial properties in Riverdale. We are one of the most reliable lot-and-land clearings company: our fast process ensures complete removal from all types of trees or shrubs on your property while also leveling it out beautifully!



Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale is the premier tree service in Riverdale, Georgia. They have been providing services for nearly 10 years to residential and commercial properties. With our focus on caring for your most valuable assets while protecting the environment too we are confident that you will be satisfied with every solution they provide!

You need to take care of your trees. That’s why we have the most extensive experience with plant care and our certified arborists are here for you! Whether it be deep root feeding, fertilization or any other type of service-we will make sure that every tree is healthy and thriving under expert touch always without hassle on your end.

We are a family owned company that specializes in healthy plants around Riverdale. You will not only get them taken care of with an experienced team, but we can also consult on their needs so they stay strong and grow up big & tall!



The aftermath of a natural disaster often brings with it the need for tree service. The Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale is always on call to help protect your property and home from any unwanted hazards that may threaten you during these tough times, 24/7! With their expertise we can ensure quick responses so as not to wait until more damage has occurred or find yourself suffering from an emergency situation when time matters most.

We are storm damage cleanup experts. Not only do we professionally clean up your home after a storm, but also provide you with peace of mind by installing protection against future disasters- such as trees that could fall and cause more destruction if another storm were to hit the area again!

We’re here for all your post-storm needs: not just cleaning up debris from inside or outside of homes/businesses; instead we can help make sure there is no potential danger lurking nearby in case an unfortunate event happens again.

No one plans for emergency damages, so we offer comprehensive disaster relief services. Providing the best quality of workmanship from start to finish while doing our utmost not only to ensure a fast turnaround but also peace of mind when you know that your home is safe and secure (and it won’t cost an arm or leg!).


Check Out Our Work

We love what we do, and love to show off. Here’s some great examples of our work, and why we’re the best tree service company around. 

Ready To Start New Project With Vilchis?


Whatever your request may be–whether it’s for an emergency service call, regular maintenance checkups every six months so you never have any surprises from just one bad storm–we’re here 24 hours per day and 7 days a week with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! Call us today at (404) 924-7449.

Our ever-growing company started out as just the passion project of two brothers but now employs over fifteen people who care about making your yard look its best – it has become our labor of love. For an economical price, you can have all your tree needs fulfilled by Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale.

At the core of our organization is an uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction. We are not just a tree care company, but also in the client service business and we take this very seriously- it differentiates us from any other provider you will find on Riverdale’s competitive landscape.

Even if you can’t get through right away, one of our courteous representatives will always return your call or message promptly so that no time goes by without being contacted for help with all things related to trees; moreover, because punctuality matters even when responding via telephone or text message (or email!), whenever feasible we’ll be there at your home as soon as possible after receiving notice about what kind services would best fit into your schedule. In the end, we are here to serve you. 

Since 2013, our company has been providing the finest tree care services to both customers and trees alike. With more than 30 years of combined experience under our belts, we have some of the most qualified specialists in order to provide you with professional service at a budget-friendly price. 

We screen all personnel before they begin working for us as well as drug test them randomly so that safety is guaranteed; moreover, each employee must sign an annual code of behavior contract outlining how they will behave while on duty at your property! Our management team boasts over three decades worth knowledge in this industry so you can rest assured that the team that will be on your property is the most professional team in the tree service industry. 

We have the industry’s finest equipment at our disposal. We boast Stihl chainsaws, Morbark chippers, Vermeer stump grinders and a wide variety of hoists for every project size from small to large. Our team is proud that we never hesitate when it comes to tackling difficult tree care projects with new innovations like chippers or cherry pickers on hand! We even have a crane to help us with the most precarious jobs. 

With our state-of-the art equipment, we can take on substantially larger projects than most of the competition. We’ve found that many clients want to avoid putting their property at risk by letting us operate machinery around it; so instead of using heavy equipment in your yard, we’ll use a single climber or even just rope for pulling down trees with only two ground crew members.

For tree care services, it is sometimes necessary to do work that requires a more nuanced approach than you might realize. For instance, our equipment can’t fit into tighter spaces such as backyards and we are one of the few companies in this area who have everything they need for all their jobs without needing anything other than saws and climbing harnesses.

For many homeowners, the decision to use a tree service company is not an easy one. There are plenty of companies in Riverdale that will knock on your door and ask for you business but keep in mind they’re often unlicensed or uninsured which has financial consequences if something goes wrong.

In order to make sure that you are a customer who is well taken care of, our company provides your home or place of work with complete documentation before we begin any work. We will provide you with license and insurance information upon request as well as the document outlining what type of services we offer for every price point so there can be no confusion on either side. This way, even if something goes wrong during one part in time while working out tree maintenance service plans, it does not have an effect on how much money was paid up front when contracting us for said job (or vice versa).

Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale is a family-owned and operated business that strives to provide affordable, efficient tree care for all property types. From large residential/commercial projects down to the smallest of residences we are there with our expertise to tackle any tree service job that comes along. With excellent customer service as well as guarantees on every job performed you can rest assured knowing you’re hiring us!

Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale provides high quality services at an economical rate while maintaining complete satisfaction when it comes to client needs

We take pride in being one of the most professional Riverdale tree care companies around. While it’s not that difficult, we do demand commitment to phone you back; show-up when we commit that we will; offer a fair written price quote right after your request and stand by our services 100%. We realize if they complete these things, customers respond and recommend us to their friends! Next time you require premium service providers contact the company local residents have relied on since 2013.


Tree Removal

Trees play an important role in our environment, but they can also pose a hazard to property or be unattractive at times. A tree may need to be removed for a variety of reasons including injury, illness risk of damage and poor appearance. In Georgia, a powerful storm (whether ice or thunder) can harm trees causing them to be dangerous because it weakens the limbs and trunk of the tree. 

Overgrown and poorly planted trees can cause landscaping troubles. Additionally, it is important to know that most homeowner’s insurance policies will not approve claims if the tree was in a precarious place or touching the house. Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale can be trusted to skillfully eliminate trees with safety and your budget in mind. 

The removal of a tree is more complicated than one might think. It can be an intimidating process that requires expert knowledge and skill, particularly if the location poses obstacles to access or could result in property damage. No matter what scenario you’re faced with, we’ll remove your tree economically and safely – just call us! We start by sending our management staff member out for examination on site so they can understand how best to approach removing this imposing presence from your yard or business space without damaging neighboring structures

A tree can be removed by a team of experts without the use of any large equipment. We will determine whether it’s best to take out your tree or remove its branches for an easier removal process and discuss all other alternatives with you during our appointment, which we’ll schedule at your convenience after discussing what kind of access is available to reach the work site. 

For instance: if there are power lines in proximity that may get damaged when removing a huge branch from certain trees (such as pines) then they should not have their trunk cut down but rather just trimmed back. Being methodical is of utmost importance when dealing with these kind of hindrances. 

We have a team of skilled tree cutters who can handle any size job, from removing an old oak to trimming back branches on your cherry blossom. Our staff will remove all wood and debris for you so that the only thing left are leaves in the yard – just as if we had never been there at all!

As part of our price estimate, our tree removal service includes cutting down the entire tree (leaves included) piling up or eliminating limbs and branches completely cleaning up anywhere near where it was taken down. We’ve got primary professionals with 3-4 ground-service employees ready to clean out everything around what’s left after their work is done. Through the use of a chipper, we will make sure there is no evidence left that the tree was ever even there. 

When you need tree removal, call the company that makes it their goal to ensure your property looks untouched. We promise when we leave there will be no sign of our team’s work and most projects can get done in a day or less. Call Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale today for your no obligation, free estimate. 

Emergency Tree Service

Storms and hurricanes are never pleasant, but dealing with the aftermath can be even more difficult. Potential hazards include fallen trees blocking roads or homes as well as downed power lines that could cause a fire hazard if touched. And forget about clearing any of it: these tasks typically require professional help because they’re just too big for anyone to take on alone!

Storm damage is always tough to handle after one hits – who wants their house blocked off by tree branches? But when you have high-voltage wires lying around all over your property from toppled trees, things get really dangerous real fast! That’s why homeowners shouldn’t do anything themselves; instead call in professionals like us so we can make sure everything stays safe while we clear up the mess left

When disaster strikes, we are always ready. We have our experts on call 24×7 and seven days a week to make sure that the Riverdale area is safe from hazardous situations – such as trees crashing into buildings or power lines down in the street. When these kinds of events occur, it’s important for professionals like us to get there fast so you can feel confident your property will be back up within no time at all!

The team over at Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale will always make your property safe from any storm damage, and get it back to its former glory in no time. When you need tree removal while storms are raging outside and electricity is out; call us! We’re here for all of the emergency needs that come with a weather event like this so people can feel good about going home after work or popping down the street for groceries knowing their homes won’t be destroyed when they return.

Pro Arborist

At Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale, our arborists will work with you to determine the best course for your tree’s future. Our experts offer a variety of removal alternatives and preservation options before making any final decisions on the fate of your treasured natural beauty! Some excellent solutions can include cabling or bracing if you prefer preserving its aesthetics.

Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale has many alternatives to tree removal. These range from cabling and bracing your tree for preservation, which they see as a last resort because it is seen an easy way out that does not provide long-term solutions or protection against future complications with preserving their natural beauty and value in the home landscape.

Using wire cables to support damaged parts of the tree is just one example of how we find relief through other options before ultimately considering extraction.

At Vilchis Tree Service of Riverdale, our first option for fixing a problem typically involves sustainable pruning techniques (or “pinching”) as opposed to extraction because they have found it more successful in their experience and lets them avoid some risks that come with trying new things like not being able to see what you are doing from below or actually making your situation worse by removing too much weight from the bottom half which can cause branches on top halves to crack and fall off.

Tending to your trees is an essential part of any landscape. However, you need more than just water and sunlight if they are going to grow properly. Digging too close to the roots can cause irreparable damage that will leave them vulnerable or dead in no time at all, so be careful!

If you want a healthy tree with plenty of leaves it’s important not only for their sustenance but also their safety- digging around the base could potentially kill them over time.

The best way to avoid costly mistakes is by taking everything into consideration. When digging for construction, all care needs to be taken when a tree is in close proximity so as not to cause any harm or destruction by damaging its root system which will have grave consequences on landscaping and removal costs.

You may think about trees as just a part of our everyday life, but they provide us with food and shelter. However when we don’t take care for them, there is nothing more dangerous. Their root system will grow upwards to reach light instead facing down towards soil which could make it topple over onto nearby houses.

Every tree that hangs over your property line is actually up to you, no matter where the roots are. You may not be a professional arborist by trade but it’s still in everyone’s best interest if these branches don’t cause any damage!

With the deep root systems of trees, a simple trimming doesn’t usually do much good. We help many people that are confused about how their neighbor’s tree is affecting their own house so contact us today for support!

Pests and diseases are a serious problem for the Riverdale area, with pests like aphids to disease-spreading fungi. But don’t worry! Our team is here so you can live peacefully without worrying about your plants or trees being at risk of attack every step of the way.

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous for trees in the area. If left unchecked, vegetation can be lost and your landscaping will never look quite as good again- but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! Vilchis Tree Service is here to help with pre-construction care or post construction treatment so make sure you get a hold on those pesky hazards before they ruin everything.

Construction site projects pose inherent risks to nearby plant life whether intentional or not – which we know from experience all too well at Vilchis Tree Service where our goal has always been “to provide preventative measures for construction site project while also providing treatments after any damage done.” We’re experts when it comes to protecting vulnerable landscapes around Riverdale, Ga.

Stump Grinding

For beautiful lawns and gardens, tree stumps are a difficult sight. But don’t worry – we offer stump removal services to help you remove that unsightly stump from your property! Our experts will grind the remains of the tree until it is completely gone so you can once again enjoy all aspects of your garden without having to deal with pesky pests or bugs hanging out in those ugly stump remains.

One of our team members will come to your residential property or business office and provide you with a price quote during the meeting. There are many factors that go into determining how much stump grinding costs, but they can be broken up in two main categories: size and type. The dimensions as well as the kind of tree determine these rates because it takes different amounts time for each job depending on those variables. Think of it like this: small soft wood will be cheaper than larger hard woods. 

When one of our staff meets with you, he will outline all pricing information verbally at first before providing additional material by email from us later on down the line so there is no confusion about any needs we can help cover while working together!

​The stump removal experts in our company are all about making the grinding process as unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing for your property as possible. We clear away any landscaping or garden that might be harmed by flying woodchips, we set up plastic sheeting to shield surfaces from harm, and if you want us to haul them off somewhere so they don’t clutter up your lawn with sawdust – no problem! If not though then we can recycle the chips on site too because it’s important for a responsible business like ours.

A stump is a tree’s roots and root system that can be an eyesore if left alone. There are various ways to get rid of these pesky trees, but they all have their disadvantages too. An excavator may dig the stumps up completely removing it from your property for good- this method damages any surrounding area; while another option would be ground removal where buckets attach to chains or cable pulling them out by hand (which also causes damage).

Each of these methods comes with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, which is something our associate will go over with you on site. 

Tree Trimming

It is important to keep trees trimmed, especially if you live in a place that gets significant wind. Trimming can not only help protect your home and property from falling debris or branches but also make the tree more manageable for power lines which will ultimately save money on energy costs down the line. Not all trimming needs to be done by professionals though so get creative with what parts of your yard need some TLC!

When people think about protecting their homes they usually consider keeping an eye out for burglars and securing locks around doors; however there are other things homeowners should watch out for as well like making sure any nearby trees have been properly maintained including pruning/trimming dead limbs away, removing excessive foliage after storms-especially high winds. These lingering dangers can cause you far more pain and suffering than even a thief. 

When it comes to beautifying your home or business, trimming and pruning trees can be an excellent technique. It gives the tree a clean look as well as help improve its health so that you don’t have any unexpected issues later on down the line.

When people think of their yard, they often neglect such simple tasks like trimming and pruning plants in favor of more strenuous duties – but these are just some of many ways to increase appeal for both aesthetics purposes or keep them healthy

We will have a team of experts working to get your tree’s health back on track. The first person climbs up the tree and cuts off any dead branches or limbs; this is known as “capping.” It can be difficult for one cutter to complete because it usually means using a safety belt, so we bring in two ground teams who trim the remaining foliage down with saws before throwing them into our chipper station at curbside. Once finished, trees are rejuvenated from their previous aesthetic state and healthier than ever-ready for another year!

We’ll take care of everything when you work with us-your yard won’t appear different other than being trimmed well by expert hands that only know what they’re doing!

Land Clearing

We are a tree care company in the Riverdale area with all the equipment needed to take on any size project, large or small. We can remove one tree at time of even larger jobs like commercial land development clearing and lot clearance for you as need be. Our team is well-trained in how to clear acres efficiently so that we don’t miss anything!

We specialize in clearing land of any kind, including a lot. We have the equipment and expertise to take on large projects with efficiency that is unparalleled by other companies in our area. With this level of professionalism and care for our work, we are able to clear even more acres at one time than others can!

In addition to clearing away unwanted brush and debris, we also do smaller jobs such as backyards or small parcels. Our equipment and experience enables us to get the job done quickly, at a fraction of what competitors charge for bigger projects! If you want your wood removed after our work is finished (or beforehand), just let us know when booking an appointment with one of our experts. 

Most homeowners keep enough firewood on hand that will last 2-3 years before they need it hauled out; if not properly stored in dry conditions without moisture exposure from rain or snowfall, firewood can decay within 5 years due to rot growth so make sure you don’t request too much.